My Story

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My Story

mike gold and family

My Story


Senior year started with a whirlwind of classes, work, and job interviews. Mina, my girlfriend was watching TV on the couch and the blinds were drawn. In the glow of the screen, I could see her thinking. She told me I was going to be a father. Everything changed in an instant.

As the TV flickered, I disappeared into my mind and the world went silent. “What does this mean for us and the future we wanted?” The past three years, I studied finance at the University of Colorado. Dreams of investment banking and trading stocks danced in my head. My senses came back and I heard Mina talking next to me, “What now?”, she asked. My preplanned future dissolved.

We were in the middle of job interviews hopefully starting work after graduation. After a lot of heart-to-hearts and tears shed over the uncertainty of what lay ahead, I gave up my dream of investment banking to stay home and raise our child.

I know we were lucky. In the course of interviewing, Mina was offered an amazing job opportunity. I could stay home and be a full-time father. When graduation came, followed by the birth of my son, Caleb, I discovered a new life.

When I was young, my relationship with my father was complicated. We spent weekends fixing his condos and houses, but we never saw eye-to-eye. Between him as an entrepreneur and my mom working full-time, there wasn’t a lot of time to be together. But, I’ll always be grateful for the things he taught me.

I wanted to create a different story for my family. I realized I wasn’t working for myself anymore. I was working for my family.

For a year and a half, I loved the freedom of staying home with Caleb. It’s a time I’ll always treasure, even the hard parts. I changed diapers, warmed bottles, and did everything necessary. All the while, I slowly started to build a business. From the start, Caleb was a big part of that.

mike gold and family

Real estate was something I started in college to earn money. I became a licensed REALTOR® in 2000 during my Senior year. My work turned into so much more. I brought Caleb with me to showings. I fielded calls and filled out paperwork, while he happily babbled in his bouncer. Building this business while fathering was hard. Some days everything seemed to go wrong. Evenings, I would watch him sleeping soundly in his crib and feel the stress of the day wash away. He taught me, when you sacrifice, you’ll get something even better in return.

In the years since, my family has grown. I married the love of my life, Mina and we have three beautiful children. I’m really working every day for my family. Changing the direction of my life was scary and my Senior year was unrecognizable compared to my friends. When I hear a child practicing piano or I get to take them to a hockey game, I know this life is the one I wanted.

Buying a home is a huge decision and an incredible financial investment. I treat every client the way I want to be treated. I realized with my first son, that your family is who you work for. We want what’s best for them, no matter what.

That’s where I come in. With my expertise in finance and investing, I will help you make great decisions for your family’s future. Whether you’re buying your forever home or dipping your toes into rental properties, I keep you and your loved ones in mind. I want you to enjoy time with your family; those special moments, recitals, sports games, just like I have. Let me use my knowledge and experience to make sure you enjoy the important things in life.

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