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Property Management

It is not what we do but what we know and how we do it that sets us apart.

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Why Choose Us Over Other Property Management Companies?

Working with a trusted professional who’s skilled with today’s changing rental marketplace and understanding the needs of landlords and tenants alike; all while always abiding by Colorado Real Estate Commission requirements. I know exactly what today’s renters want, and how to put the necessary steps in place to ensure you and your asset are protected.

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Our fees are broken down into two parts. First is tenant placement, which is made up of; marketing, showings, and tenant screening. The charge for the first tenant placement is ½ of 1 month’s rent, and after the first tenant is placed $800.00. The second fee is the day-to-day operations, rent collection, maintenance, and tenant requests. The cost for this is 10% of the gross rental income, not to exceed $350.00 a month. The only other fees are a $300 retainer that will then be credited back to you and be used as your maintenance escrow account.

What do we do for this fee?

We secure highly qualified tenants and obtain the highest possible rental income for your property while maintaining little or no vacancies. Our Innovative Marketing Techniques ensure optimum exposure of your investment property by utilizing only the most professional photos, videos, and internet media. Our comprehensive candidate screening examines background, credit, and eviction history in addition to debt to income assessment and risk score factoring. We continuously acquire a pool of qualified applicants until selecting the ideal tenant for your property to assure longevity and help to protect your investment.

The following are some of the Features of Our Services that allow us to relieve you of the stress of Property Management throughout the duration of our relationship while we Meticulously Maintain Your Investment.

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Tenant Screening

A major component of cost reduction in rental property ownership is the avoidance of damage and non–payment of rent. Thorough tenant screening, including interviews and a comprehensive application process, is how we reduce our homeowner costs in the North Metro Denver area.

My team and I will handle every facet of non–desirable tenant removal for you, but our goal is to never have a need to do so. Avoidance through exhaustive tenant screening and selection procedures is how we keep our homeowners happy and profitable as rental property owners.

Some prospective tenants will contact us via email or with a form on your home’s web page at our site. Others will call us. During the showing and prior to an office visit and application processing, we’ll normally have a conversation. It will not be detailed, but we begin the tenant screening process with this conversation. We ask questions that help us to legally determine if they’re a possible candidate for a more exhaustive screening process. Some never get past this phone call simply because our questions determine that they’re not suitable for financial or other reasons.

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Rental Property Marketing

Rental Property Marketing

No matter how well we perform our tenant screening, property management, and rent collection duties, they never come into play until and unless we produce a tenant for our homeowner properties. Our marketing plans have been tested over time and proved to be very effective in funneling tenants into our screening process. When we meet to discuss your home and the features that differentiate it in the marketplace, we’ll develop a custom marketing plan for your home comprised of the appropriate media in our extensive marketing media package.

Owner Portal Site &

Our website is one place in which your property will be presented in great detail. While we’ll talk here about other media where we’ll market your home, they’ll all relate back to this website, and many viewers of those other advertisements will arrive at our website for detail. Numerous high-quality exterior and interior photos. Professionally crafted text descriptions that we know from experience will attract tenant interest. Easy online and offline contact information to get the prospect to contact us. An online map with directions, as many prospective tenants like to drive by properties and view neighborhoods prior to getting more information or renting.

While you’ll see that we’re doing a lot more marketing in other media, there is no other place where this much detail can be presented in high resolution to attract tenant interest.

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Tenant Management and Rent Procedure

You’re not renting out your home for a hobby. It’s either an investment or you’re holding for a better time to sell. Either way, collection of rent is the goal, and to us these goals are mandatory.

Our job is to collect rents, account for expenses, and remit the balance to you. State law and other local regulations dictate how this must be accomplished and when funds can be remitted, so check our link here to pertinent legal requirements to which we must adhere.

However, our rental property owners can count on a prompt collection of rents and remittance to them as legally permitted and scheduled in our rental management contract. All documentation and accounting records are maintained to keep our owners informed and on top of their financial investment in their rental home.

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Property Care and Maintenance

Rental property real estate owners have legitimate property care concerns, and we take these concerns very seriously. Whether the rental home is for investment or being held until a more favorable time to sell, it’s still quite important to safeguard the home’s condition, cut maintenance expense, and maintain the highest resale condition.

The maintenance of rental properties is one of the most detailed and task–oriented things that we do for our homeowner clients. It requires not only our involvement but the use of multiple subcontractors for various maintenance and repair services:

  • Landscaping
  • Structure
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Appliances
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